Call of Duty: Black Ops Built in Wallhack v1

25 Feb

Well the title may be a bit misleading, this isn’t a writeup on how to code your very own wallhack for Black  Ops. Rather, it is a little known fact about one of the underused killstreaks: The Valkyrie.

What you see above is the typical HUD you get when you are flying, or aiming down the sight of a Valkyrie. Note the numbers on the screen, specifically the “DTT 484.58”

DTT = Distance to target. This number effectively shows you the distance from the nearest enemy. The cool thing is it shows you this even without having fired it.

So all you need to do to be able to ‘sense’ where people are is equip your Valkyrie rockets, aim down the sight with the left trigger and note the distance. Don’t fire tho or you will lose them once you unequip.

1000-1500 is about 30 yards. Anything below 500 is very close and you should prepare to bump into an enemy soon.

I took a video but sadly it doesn’t show the Valk HUD in the detail it does in the game. The first time I checked the DTT was 150-200, the second it was 120 and falling and the third it was around 210. Thus I knew pretty much where all the people I killed were. Enjoy.

ALungsackFish Valkyrie Wallhack

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