nail’d demo

27 Feb

I am not one for racing games really. My favorite series has to be the Burnout series, though I entirely skipped the last release, Paradise. The last racer I played was Test Drive Unlimited which was extremely fun on Xbox Live. Before that I dabbled in the original Dirt, so you could say I am a little behind on the racing genre.

Back in m day...

The graphics on this game look ok. Or maybe it is just the blur effect that occurs when you go over 15 MPH. The controls are pretty standard, RT is go, LT is stop, X is boost…and you guessed it, I never once hit the LT. Steering was lackluster, basically taking no skill or thought. Keeping in mind this is a very arcade racer I let it go. But boosting seemed to have no effect on my steering or ability to control the vehicle. This I could not overlook.The boost system was like Burnout’s, where you got boost for doing risky maneuvers. Yet it was not as clear or rewarding as that of Burnout, so it is of little importance to me.

It was difficult to do anything in the game without getting “nail’d”. I think the point of this game is to leave the most of your own body parts on the track, instead of win the race. It seemed that nearly everything, even landing jumps or taking a turn too high would result in your quad exploding in a fiery ball of fire.

Now entering The Bone Zone

I had a hard time breaking single digit positions, even out of 12 racers. Needless to say this is not a very sophisticated racing game but what did I expect Mario Kart Double Dash?!

My friend managed to break the top 5 one race, only getting wrecked, sorry  NAIL’D, 4 times. He went through a lot of the NAIL’D gates for boost and navigated the extremely vertical course with ease. I was shamed.

If you are a young adrenaline junky aged 8-15 you would probably enjoy this title. I can’t really see anyone with driving experience liking the game, nor anyone who actually rides motocross or ATVs of any sort. It will make for a good quick birthday gift or bribe for your stepson though!

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