Topspin 4

01 Mar

Tennis games have had a niche market for a long time. Eeeeveryone knows Pong which was more or less based on tennis/table tennis. They have changed a lot over the years, less so since the advent of 3d modeling. The great majority of improvements have been animation and detection related.

Y u no look happy?

Top Spin 4 tracks a host of stats per match, including but not limited to:

  • 1st serve %
  • Win on 1st/2nd serve %
  • Aces
  • Double Faults
  • Winners
  • Unforced Errors
  • Break Points Won
  • Net Points Won
  • Total Points Won

With over 25 of the top Tennis Pros of today the roster is pretty beefy. Top names like Sampras and Williams make an appearance as well as some lesser known foreign players.There is a character creation option in the game where you can determine the look and playstyle of your pro to fit your needs.

The standard player progression is here, with stat points and sliders for each attribute such as speed or power. The player is able to fully outfit their pro with name brand gear which has an effect on your stats. The game comes out March 15 so if you are a Tennis enthusiast, or just a stay-at-home line judge, be sure to preorder now.

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